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3D Scanning Prerequisites

The shape and the size of the entrance hole of the shoe model has a significant impact to the look and realism of the AR try-on experience. For the best try-on experience the 3D shoe model has to modelled or scanned as though there is already a foot inside.

Foot Entrance Hole

If you use photogrammetry to make the shoes then please make sure that theshoes are filled in as though there is a foot already inside. Also, please make sure that the entrance hole is big enough also as though there is a foot inside. The same considerations should be made if modelling the shoe from scratch. Doing this will make the AR experience to be a lot more realistic. See image below for details:

Docusaurus process

3D Scanning/Photogrammetry tips

Photogrammetry involves scanning a physical shoe so please make sure the shoe is clean and that the shoe laces are tidy.